About CRMB

CRMB is special type of value added Bitumen where the properties have been improved by blending with crumb rubber and special type of additives. CRMB with enhanced physical properties, is more resistant to temperature variations, weathering and high traffic loads, This leads to improve pavement life, reduce maintenance costs and excellent driving comfort, CRMB will meet specification of IS: 15462:2004.


CRMB is ideal product for wearing courses on


Technical Specification

Sr.No. Properties CRMB 55 CRMB 60
1. Penetration at 25°C, 0.1 mm Max 60 50
2. Softening Point, °C Min 55 60
3. Elastic Recovery of half thread in Ductilometer at 15°C, % min 50 50
4. Flash Point, °C, min 220 °C 220 °C
5. Separation, difference in softening point, °C, max 4 4
6.a a. Penetration of residue at 25°C, % min 60 60
6.b b. Increase in softening point, °C, max 6 5
6.c c. Elastic Recovery of half thread in Ductilometer at 25°C of residue, % min 35 35

*GRADE CRMB 55: Recommended for moderate climate areas

*GRADE CRMB 60: Recommended for hot climate areas.

* This product is available from our Vadodara Branch.

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