Imported Bitumen

We have Imported Bitumen 60/70, considered to be one of the best in quality from affiliated refineries of Middle East. Packing: 192 kg (Gross wt) 180 kg (Net wt) +/- 3 kgs

Industrial Bitumen

As per IS:- 702  Our industrial Bitumen is dark, Low Volatile Petroleum Residue Modified by the Oxidation Process, its consistency ranges from Viscous to solid besides being waterproof elastic and adhesive, bitumen is corrosion proof acid alkali Resistant as well as it also makes an efficient electrical insulator, because it has excellent dielectric strength.

Bitumen Emulsion

As Per IS-8887 Considering various benefits associated with Bitumen Emulsions over conventional Bitumen to keep pace with the technology innovations in the Field of Road binders, our most advanced Research & Development Center at Nandesari, Baroda has developed world class formulations for Cationic Bitumen Emulsions after extensive research work. SWASTIK Cationic Bitumen Emulsion complies with BIS Specifications IS: 8887- 1995 as well as International Specifications. Performance evaluation of test sections laid on national highways has established the efficacy of this all weather eco-friendly road bind.

App Membranes

APP Membranes are available in Plain (PF), Mineral (MF), Aluminium (AF), Geotextile (GT), and 120 micron HDPE finishes and are also available as SBS modified self adhesive sheets with various finishes.

Bitumen Felt Rolls

Hessian Based Bitumen Felt Roll is made of the finest grade material that assures longevity. Made as per the IS: 1322:1993. Our tough Bitumen Felt Roll offers maximum performance for a longer period of time. In conformation with the IS standard, we also customize Bitumen Felt Roll in varied dimensions and weight as per the customers requirement.

Sealing Compound

Sealing Compound is famous for giving the excellent performance in the various industrial applications. It is mainly used for sealing and adjoining joints and breakages. It is ideal for the products made up of concrete.


Bitumen Bond is an adhesive of semi-liquid consistency, creamy in appearance and is ready to use just as it comes in the container. It is recommended for sticking roofing felts on metal, timber, tiles, asbestos and concrete masonry surfaces. It is ideally suited for sticking waterproofing felts to roofs of buses, railway carriages etc.

Bitumen Plast

Bitumen Plast is a cold applied bituminous with mineral fillers in volatile solvent to retain its plasticity. It is ideal for use in conditions where a certain degree of expansions, contractions and vibrations are expected. It is Uses for application on vertical or sloping surfaces for caulking purpose.

Kote / Primer

Bitumen Primer that is manufactured using superior quality basic bitumen both steam refined and air blown. Moreover, these Bitumen primers can easily be diluted with water for various other applications. Bitumen kote emulsions are stable clay emulsions produced from a wide range of basic bitumen, both steam-refined and air blown. They have no common characteristic of smoothly and creamy consistency. They can be diluted easily with water to any consistency required for applications.

Expansion Joint Filler Board

Expansion Joint Filler Board is a soft fiber board impregnated with bituminous material to render it durable and water proof. It is compressible and possesses high degree of recovery after compression load is released, thereby ensuring that no free space exist in between joint space. Expansion Joint Filler Board is manufactured as per IS-1838:1961 standards.


CRMB is special type of value added Bitumen where the properties have been improved by blending with crumb rubber and special type of additives. CRMB with enhanced physical properties, is more resistant to temperature variations, weathering and high traffic loads, This leads to improve pavement life, reduce maintenance costs and excellent driving comfort, CRMB will meet specification of IS: 15462:2004.


READY MIX COLD BITUMEN is an environmentally friendly cold asphalt repair for potholes in roads. It is an efficient, affordable, durable, and permanent material designed to repair asphalt failure and for general maintenance. Use to repair potholes, cracks and broken surfaces in macadam and asphalt without the need for cutting out.