About Ready Mix Cold Bitumen

READY MIX COLD BITUMEN is an environmentally friendly cold asphalt repair for potholes in roads. It is an efficient, affordable, durable, and permanent material designed to repair asphalt failure and for general maintenance. Use to repair potholes, cracks and broken surfaces in macadam and asphalt without the need for cutting out.

READY MIX COLD BITUMEN mix is the most cost effective way to repair pot holes on asphalt surfaces such as drive ways, parking areas, school yards, playgrounds, walk ways, bike paths, and any other asphalt area. It doesn’t matter if the ground is wet or dry the Bitumen cold mix compound will bond equally as well in both conditions

Pot hole repairs using a READY MIX COLD BITUMEN mix can withstand traffic flow within 1- 2 hours The compound will continue to harden and could take up to 3 – 4 hours to completely set. Never has fixing potholes been easier, cheaper and more flexible in application. No cutting, tacking or mechanical equipment is required, thus enabling job creation for unskilled labour and saving time and money. It is supplied and applied cold. Simply mix the cold asphalt with aggregates and pour it in the pothole and compact. It can be applied to dry, damp and wet surfaces


It is supplied and applied cold. Simply mix READY MIX COLD BITUMEN with aggregates and pour it in the pothole and compact. It can be applied to dry, damp and wet surfaces.

Surfaces should be clean and free from grease, dirt and any friable or deleterious material. The surface can be dry, damp or wet. Remove all loose debris from the pothole or damaged pavement. With a Shovel apply enough READY MIX COLD BITUMEN to crown the patched area. Tamper with the back of a shovel, or wheel roll with tires of a Vehicle.

For 6 inch or 15 cm deep or more apply in 2-3 layers, compacting SWASTIK Bond each time.

Once applied READY MIX COLD BITUMEN takes traffic immediately and requires no setting time due to tenacious bond of the permanent cold patch.


Technical Specification

Sr.No. Particulars Packing Size (Per Sqm)
1. Appearance Viscous thick liquid
2. Colour Black
3. Specific gravity 0.95 ± 0.05 gm/ml
4. Flash point Min 35 ºC
5. Water content Max. 0.2 %
6. Viscosity by RTV Min. 8 sec

* This product is available from our Vadodara Branch.

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