About Sealing Compound

Sealing Compound is famous for giving the excellent performance in the various industrial applications. It is mainly used for sealing and adjoining joints and breakages. It is ideal for the products made up of concrete.

Hot applied sealing compounds are intended for use in sealing joints in concrete roads, runways, bridges, filling stations and other places of construction joints like in warehouse floors and secondary containment of walls and floors of artificial water ponds.

Grade A is suitable for use in concrete constructions other than those which are subjected to spillage of kerosene or other petroleum oils. Estimation guide for joint Sealing Compounds required per 100 meters running in kg of 25mm depth is as under: 12mm – 40 kg | 18mm – 60 kg | 25mm – 80 kg |

Consider 5% wastage during application.

Primer coverage approx 0.91 ltrs per 100 running meters for 25mm depth of joints.

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Technical Specification

Sr.No. Description Result Requirement
1. Softening Point 89oC 86-89oC
2. Penetration at oC 18 15-50
3. Pour Point oC 176oC 180oC
4. Flow Test, Percentage 1.2% 5%
5. Extensibility, mm 6.3 6 Min
6.a Consistency - Before Setting (test After 1 Hr), Min. 100 108
6.b Consistency - fter Setting (test After 24 Hr), Min. 80 90

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