About Bitumen Plast

Bituminous Compound for Waterproofing & Caulking purpose

Bitumen Plast is a cold applied bituminous with mineral fillers in volatile solvent to retain its plasticity. It is ideal for use in conditions where a certain degree of expansions, contractions and vibrations are expected. It is Uses for application on vertical or sloping surfaces for caulking purpose.

Ideally suited for



Technical Specification

Sr.No. Description Requirement Result
1. Water Content, % By Mass, Max. 0.5 0.3
2. Ash Content, % By Mass, Mix. 40 31
3. Flow Shall Satisfy the Req. Shall Satisfy the Req.
4. Flash Point 35 40
5. Flexibility & Adhesion Shall Satisfy the Req. Shall Satisfy the Req.
6.a Consistency - Before Setting (test After 1 Hr), Min. 100 108
6.b Consistency - fter Setting (test After 24 Hr), Min. 80 90

* This product is available from our Vadodara Branch.

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